• Automatic stair locking when machine is not is use for entering or exiting the machine.
  • Color indication lights around the contact heart rate grips visually display when the machine is in use or standby mode.
  • Easy access maintenance panels on either side.
  • Resistance adjustment buttons on vertical contact HR handgrips.
  • Extra step-depth keeps shoes from being pinched.
  • Side rail coverings provides a secure grip under very sweaty hands.
Power Requirements AC adapter, 100-240V
Drive System Alternator
Maximum User Weight 181.5 kg (400 lbs)
Ceiling Height Minimum 2.74 m (9 ft)
Step-Up Assist  Height

(from the ground)

31 cm (12.2″)
Usable Step Surface Ares 513 (202
Step Height 20.3 cm (8″)
Step Depth 27.9 mm (11″)
Step Width 54.6 cm (21.5″)
Number of Steps 8
Resistance Levels 1 – 20
Step Rate 25 – 168 steps per minute